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XoByte Engineering Services is the custom solution division of the XoByte Corporation. Our mission is to integrate man and machine seamlessly with elegant and creative engineering solutions. The talent of XoByte’s Engineering Services division brings a wide breadth of technical expertise and artistic insight to every project we undertake. Our emphasis on mobility and modularity of hardware and software allows us to create highly flexible and adaptable solutions that can be easily and rapidly reconfigured to meet the needs of various customers and industries.

Since inception of this division, exceeding our customer’s expectation has been our goal. Some of the services we provide and past projects we have completed include:

  • ASIC Design
  • Low Power Design Development
  • Coverage Driven ASIC and FPGA Verification
  • Systems Integration
  • Home automation and surveillance using mobile devices
  • Website Design and Search Engine Optimization
  • Database design and implementation
  • PCB Design and Schematic Layout
  • Android and iOS software application development

We hope that we can add you to our growing list of clientele.

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